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Why Learn SPANISH?

Spanish is the 3rd most widely spoken, after Chinese and English, and ranks 2nd in terms of native the world, used by 500 million people.

25 different nations speak Spanish either as the official language or as a primary language.

Spanish is an official language of the UN and its organisations.

Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. Much of its vocabulary is similar to English's, and written

Spanish is almost completely phonetic: Look at almost any Spanish word and you can tell how it is pronounced.

Studying and practicing Spanish may increase problem-solving skills, and could even help to improve memory and mental sharpness.

Knowing the Spanish language will enable you to take advantage of significant educational opportunities, such as spending a summer or a semester abroad.

Every student has their reasons for learning spanish.

Although,we aim to encourage these reasons and have found it helps with learning speeds and motivation, we will talk about this during lessons.


Learning Spanish is Fun! Spanish is a worthwhile extra curricular activity!

When you learn Spanish you can reinforce other subjects such as English and maths. It is cross curricular learning.

Children learn languages a lot faster than adults.

Giving a child the chance to take up a second language early can help them learn quickly and give them confidence.

Their learning is accelerated if they start while they are gathering their basic language skill when their brains are already geared up for absorbing information.

Learning Spanish can introduce a child to the idea that other cultures exist.